General Questions

Where is Mosport Kartways?

Mosport Kartways is located about an hour East of Toronto, just North of Bowmanville Ontario, Canada.

What is Mosport Kartways?

Located just outside of Canadian Tire Motorsports Park’s famous turn 8, Mosport Kartways has recently been upgraded and is one of the finest karting facilities in Canada. Home base to thousands of karters who annually participate in a broad range of karting programs, Mosport Kartways hosts events ranging from Group Events to Arrive & Drive Racing Programs (CRKC) and even the Canadian National Karting Championships.

When is Mosport Kartways open?

We are an outdoor seasonal facility. Our track is open from May-November weather permitting. During the operating season we are open 6 days a week, Monday through Sunday and closed on all Tuesdays.

What is a Kart?

They have no suspension, are about 180cm long, 125cm wide, and weigh approximately 150 lbs. minus the driver. Engines vary from 5 to over 30 horsepower, depending upon the class. Competitive karts are for track use only – never on the street or an unsafe area.


Regardless of age, experience, budget or aspirations, there is a karting class for you. MIKA can accommodate your needs whether you are looking for a legitimate and sophisticated training ground to move into other forms of professional motorsports, or simply exploring the sport for recreational purposes.


Our formal classes begin at the novice stage (age 8) and generally run in 3-year age groupings until “senior” status is reached (age 15+). Classes are then separated by weight and equipment regulations designed to equal the playing field, while controlling the costs.


Our schedule runs from March to October and includes but is not limited to a fourteen race point’s series. Each event is organized with our primary goal of providing an enjoyable environment. Qualifying races, heat races, endurance events, even night racing are all examples of different formats that MIKA utilizes to create a challenging and unique championship for our members to enjoy.


Through our dedicated team of volunteers and generous sponsorship contributions from many different establishments, MIKA is committed to working hard at offering an affordable activity for your whole family to enjoy. The members of the Mosport International Karting Association invite you to join us for the ride of a lifetime!

How fast do the karts go?

Our Arrive and Drive karts are capable of 75km/hr. These karts are also open to the public but access is limited to members only. We also sell karts capable of 120km/hr on our track.

What forms of payment are excepted?

We accept Visa, M/C, debit and Cash

Can I buy a Kart from Mosport Kartways?

Mosport and our sister track, Goodwood have a full inventory of New and Used Racing karts. From beginner karts to the most advance we can build the perfect kart for you.

Arrive & Drive | CRKC

What is the Arrive and Drive program?

The Arrive and Drive program also known as the Canadian Rookie Karting Championship, is a house league program designed for rookies and/or beginners of all ages where everything is provided from the High Performance Racing Kart, to licensing and training, tires, fuel, crash damage and even the required safety equipment. Membership is required.

What does the Membership include?

In order to drive the High Performance karts, Membership is mandatory. Membership includes access to the High Performance Karts, license and training and use of the approved racing equipment.

What are the age requirements to join the racing league?

We offer 3 divisions of racing. Youth (7-12) Teen (12-18) Adult (19+)

How fast are the go karts?

Our High Performance Arrive and Drive karts are capable of speeds up to 75km/hr.

What are the fees associated with the program?

In order to participate, Members must purchase their Annual Membership ($149.99). Once a member, participants can enter any race offered on the schedule. Each race event is $65.00. This will includes the use of the high performance kart, safety equipment and track time. Each event is approximately 3hrs.

What safety equipment is required?

Members are to dress with no skin exposed. One piece karting specific racing suits are required. Helmets must have full faced visors and be Snell Approved. Both the Racing Suit and Helmet are provided. Competitors must own and use a neck support for any and all racing activity. Closed-toe shoes and gloves are mandatory.

Can I wear my own helmet?

Yes, as long as it meets the safety standard referenced above.

When are races scheduled?

Members have over 90 races to choose from. Races are scheduled everyday of the week except Tuesday. Members choose a particular day that suits their lifestyle and race on that day of choice.

What do I win?

Medallions are given as daily awards to the top 3 finishers of each race per age division. Points are accumulated throughout the season based on your race results.

How do I register for the Arrive and Drive League?

Simply follow this link to on-line registration.

Private Karting

If I have my own go kart, when can I take it out on the track?

Private Karting is available during all regular business hours outside of any pre-booked events. Please see our ‘Calendar’ for detailed availability. Please note – during our peak operating season, Public Karting takes priority.

What are the Fees?

Day Rate: $65 per driver. Yearly Membership: $800 per person *family discounts are available.

What safety equipment is required?

A one-piece karting specific racing suit, Snell APPROVED helmet, gloves, closed-toe shoes and neck support are mandatory.

How do I know if my kart is eligible?

Karts are subject to inspection before being granted access to the track. Karts must meet specific requirements to be deemed eligible.  Inspection includes but is not limited to specific noise requirements.

Do you offer racing leagues for private kart owners?

Racing Leagues are offered to private kart owners. The Mosport International Karting Association (MIKA) is a non-profit organization that organizes kart races in a safe and controlled environment. Classes are determined based on age, weight, experience and type of kart.

How do I register for MIKA?

Simply follow this link to on-line registration.

Corporate Events

Can I book a group event at Mosport Kartways?

Group events are available by reservation only. We take pride in creating the ultimate racing experience within a format designed to mimic your own private Grand Prix.

What is included?

Group or Corporate Events are fully customizable. Our standard corporate package includes the use of high performance go karts, all safety equipment, driver training/instruction and track time. Events begin with a mandatory training session, followed by three on-track activities (Practice, Qualifying, Race). Drivers are guaranteed 40 minutes of on-track driving time. Events conclude with a personalized podium presentation.

How many people are required to host a private event?

In order to book your exclusive Grand Prix, you must have a minimum of 12 participants. In the past we have hosted events in excess of 100 participants.

Can our event be catered?

Mosport Kartways can customize any corporate event according to your needs. Allow our event planning team to build a package just for you.